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plural noun: slippers
1.a comfortable slip-on shoe that is worn indoors.
synonyms: mule, moccasin, house shoe;
3rd person present: slippers

beat (someone) with a slipper.
“he didn’t slipper me hard”

What are slippers
Slippers are shoes people wear indoor. Slippers are comfortable shoes people like to wear when they are at home. People either use them to protect their feet from whatever dirt is on the floor or probably even more important: to keep their feet warm. Because most countries in the world know seasons, with summer and winter peaks, people have shoes(and slippers) in all different kinds: The ones that are waterproof and super warm, and also the open windy summer sandals, where most of the time the feet are totally exposed to the outside world.

Bunny_slipperds Slippers-Small Analysis_Slof_Lou_CD

Slipper types
Because slippers come in all kinds of shapes, colours and editions they have been categorised into three types for this blog:

  1. The summer (Asian) slipper – with open toes
  2. The soft sole slipper – wrapped around the feet
  3. The hard sole slippers – slip on slippers with open back



Reasoning in design
The slipper below states the reasoning in design, even though this model is based on the ‘soft sole slipper’, the functions, needs and values are viable for all three types.

For further process the slippers are divided on product level into three parts: The top, the lining (inside) and the sole.


The most common materials used to produce slippers are:
– Polyester
– Leather/suede
– Wool
– Rubber (foams: such like EVA, PU, TPR)
The choice of material in design depends on the price and the brand it is made by.

Slippers consist out of three parts: a top, lining and the sole. To create the perfect slipper these parts need to work closely together to give the user comfort, airy and warm feet.

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