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Decision making or keep being stuck in the middle?

After a week or so I made up my mind. Circular design is still very new to me, new to the world, completely new to the consumer.
I truly believe it is up to the designers and manufacturers of products to change the mindset of consumers, to make them aware of what we consume and of what we have together in and on our planet and how to protect that.
Although I did feel like sharing my dilemma with the world, I also figured out that by choosing to work with the Access Business model archetype I can actually do something to make people a little bit more aware of circular economy. This service can both enhance consumer awareness, it givesĀ peoples comfort, and hopefully they even take the slippers home after wearing them the whole day to keep them forever. Which would mean, through the Access model helpingĀ people to make use of a product with the Classic Long Life.

Making one of my favourite products to be a circular product which at the same time can teach consumers of their consuming behaviour can work out just perfect?

The Access Model it is, but with what strategies.


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