Can FOLS work business-wise?

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Yes! It can.

To make this service successful a rough cost estimation has been made, this is based on a couple of aspects:
– Visitor numbers of fairs
– Lockers
– Stand design
– Marketing and Promotion
– Student as employee during the fairs
– Wash machine costs

Some of these costs are one time investment costs and some are on yearly base.

Found on the internet is that there are around 500 fairs (6.8 million visitors) each year in the Netherlands, of which around 300 fair are consumer fairs.
FOLS wants to target 65 of these fairs which all lasts for about three days in a row. This would mean 195 days a year FOLS is attending fairs.
1.625.000 visitors (25.000 per fair) will come to these 65 fairs of which 2% wants to lease a pair of slippers. That means 32.500 people who want to wear comfort.
500 visitors of each fair need to be able to lease a pair. Therefore FOLS need to require 500 lockers, and 500 pairs of slippers for each day.
1500 inlays, because each day every slipper gets a freshly washed inlay.

Required: 1500 inlays, 500 pairs of slippers and 1 person in charge each day on the fair.

Comes to…..



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