Slippers business model: The Gap Exploiter Model

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It is hard to find a solution for the Gap Exploiter Model concerning slippers. One option within this business model is to recycle old shoe or flipflop soles and reuse them as the sole for slippers.
Most of the time it is the plastic thing between the toes of the flipflop that break but not the rest of the sole, meaning it is disposed even though people could still use the rubber foam sole as a base for slippers at home.
A business can be created where people hand in their old flipflop and get slippers for winter in return. The company then uses the broken sole as a base to create a top around it, ready for winter.
For a small fee the consumer gets to send the slippers to the refurbishing slipper company. The consumer will have goodwill for trying to help a hand to create a circular product.
Branding for this concepts needs to be really well worked out but it is a nice opportunity. People don’t averse their own feet.

Create a gap exploiter service by giving consumers the change to exchange their flipflops to be refurbished into winter slippers by reusing the sole.

Business Model Archetypes

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With the concepts found when exploring the strategies the business model archetypes from the book are looked at. For each archetype ideas are written down to see where business opportunities
can be found for the slippers. The business model archetypes are divided in 5 types:

1. The Classic Long Life Model
2. The Hybrid model
3. The Gap Exploiter
4. The Access Model
5. The Performance Model

After this a sum up is created again to see what changes for business lay ahead when designing circular slippers.