Slippers business model: The Performance Model

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When slippers are put into a performance model it becomes clear that the main function of slippers need to be described in order to find a match between this particular business model with this product.
The reason people wear slippers is because it gives them comfort and warm feet. (See user survey in product analysis)
Whenever a service needs to be provided to enhance the comfort and warmt of peoples feet things show up such like underfloor heating or a woollen carpet. Here the service of feet well being is what is brought to the consumer instead of the product making that happen for the person in question.

The Performance Model can be used to create a service or system for people to enhance the comfort and warmth of their feet without giving them a tangible product. This can result in creating a lot of underfloor heating and carpets in places where people want to have warm feet.
Or a special app for the mobile phones which heat them so much you can put it underneath your feet to warm them.

Business Model Archetypes

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With the concepts found when exploring the strategies the business model archetypes from the book are looked at. For each archetype ideas are written down to see where business opportunities
can be found for the slippers. The business model archetypes are divided in 5 types:

1. The Classic Long Life Model
2. The Hybrid model
3. The Gap Exploiter
4. The Access Model
5. The Performance Model

After this a sum up is created again to see what changes for business lay ahead when designing circular slippers.