Slippers strategy: Attachment and Trust

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ForĀ Design for Attachment & TrustĀ  two main findings came forward when exploring the possibilities within this strategy:

  1. Trust – Quality: Trust the slippers will last long by improving the quality of the sole
  2. Consciousness – Comfort of use: The product is very comfortable to wear, it is soft and fluffyExamples:
Ugg slippers
Durability and comfort
unicorn slipper
Special aesthetics
Bought somewhere special






Another reason for attachment and trust can be that the slippers were either given to the user by someone special, it was bought in a special place or it has special aesthetics, something only the user would understand for liking them so much.

When looking at the user survey the most important attachment comes from the fact that the slippers are long lasting because of the durability of the sole. Comfort is the main function of wearing slippers.