Good sounds that last

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Welcome to a journey that goes back in time and far, far into the future. But first let us start with the present. We live in an age of electronics, where electronic gadgets become an ever more integrated part of our lifes. Each year there is a new smartphone that is faster, better, thinner. Every millimeter counts. But as our objects get smarter the same can not be said of our way of designing them. As our gadgets get thinner and more compact they also get more integrated product design under the surface which means that often repair is not an option. So when your phone battery is dead or your Macbook need more memory your product is obsolete. Buy and repeat. The result is an ever increasing problem with electronic waste.

This blog is an open investigation of how to create electronic products that last longer. The focus of the investigation is wireless speakers – a new type of electronic products that have been increasingly popular in the last couple of years. In 10 intense weeks I will find out why speakers don’t last. And try to make some that do.

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