Ideas for design for Attachment and trust

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Design for Attachment and Trust is a design strategy that offers a wide range of different design solutions (as you can read about in this blog post) . A few weeks ago I made a list of different ideas for designs that would have an element of design for attachment and trust. I have know extended it a bit and would like to share it with you:


Attachment through narrative

Make the product of old products

Make of sustainable materials


Attachment through personalization and involvement

Customization through exchangeable and personal parts covers

Customization through 3D printed housing

The user assemble the product

The user put their own mark on the product in another way

Mass customized speakers (design your own unique speaker online)


Trust through added functionality

Make speaker with life saving function (e.g. smoke detector)

Make intelligent speaker that react to the surroundings

Speaker as intelligent helper that tell you e.g. if your other gadgets are about to be low on battery


Trust through quality and durability

Make speaker of premium components and solid wiring

Make super sturdy and water proof speaker


Attachment through appearance

Unusual choice of materials

Honest design

Make in materials that become more beautiful over time (e.g. leather or wood)


Attachment and trust through interaction

Emotional lightning

Feature that make the music follow your heartbeat

New and alternative forms of interaction, e.g. by gestures


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