3 design concepts

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At the session last week I came up with three different concepts:

1. A speaker for backpackers. The speaker should have added functionality such as smoke detector or alarm. The speaker would be designed to be durable. The reason why this is a good  circular design, is because it makes sense to rent out the product in this situation as the user only have these specific needs in a limited and clearly defined timespan.

2. A modular speaker for social outdoor occasions. The idea here is to make the ultimate modular solution. This would create new opportunities for social interactions and redefine what a wireless speaker is. A modular solution makes sense from a circular point of view, because it is easy to replace parts. The most obvious for this product would be to follow a classic long life model or a hybrid model.

3. A speaker for participants at music festivals. When people go to music festivals many people bring home made speaker systems to have music in their camps. For this use power and battery life time is essential. There is a potential for creating a product service system that would rent out speakers to festival guests. The solution could also be modular like the previous one, so each participant can get a custom made solution. The festival setting allows for many interesting new product interactions. It could be possible to put two speaker modules together to double the volume or connect your speaker with that of the neighbor camp so you can have a party together. The setting also invites to implement solar panels or to include a battery swap service in the service offering.

I have decided to go for the last solution as I see it as a situation where it makes sense to implement a product service system and that it offers some interesting opportunities for new user interaction and use.

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