New design brief – a long lasting speaker for festivals

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To design a speaker following circular design principles for use at music festivals.

Target group:
People who go to music festivals (mostly people 17-30 years old).

Business model:
Access Model – The product should be rented out to the festival goers.

Design requirements:
The design should be sturdy and solid
Minimum 12 hours battery life needed
Should be easy to carry
Should be possible to attach solar panel 
Possibility to join several speakers into one
Easy access to components for repair
All components and materials should be recyclable
The production price should not exceed €40.


Corrections to designbrief (end of June)
As the design process has unfolded I have made some changes to the requirements for the final design. Most importantly I concluded that it was not feasible to have a small solar panel on each speaker. Instead I considered the problems of speaker charging and clean energy on a system level. So instead of requiring a solar panel the new requirement would be: An easily rechargeable solution that runs on clean energy.



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