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Summer equals music festivals for many young people. Many music festivals have camping sites and here the music loving participant often bring their own music systems. As electricity is limited they either build their own large stereosystems that runs on car batteries or they bring old ghettoblasters or buy new cheap ones to bring. The result is an increasing problems with electronic waste waste from batteries and broken and left speakers at festivals.


Waste problem



Besides the environmental problem it us also inconvenient that they have to travel with big speakers, there is a risk for theft and damage and there is a cost of batteries. It must be possible to do this in a smarter way.

Soundvenience is a music service that give participants at music festivals a more social, convenient and fun festival experience by renting out durable speakers with unique social features including free charging.

The concept is designed for a circular economy and is aimed as an example to show how new opportunities for value creation arise when companies start to innovate with circularity in mind.


So how does all this work?

  1. Before the festival the guests reserve a speaker either together with their festival ticket or at the Soundvenience webpage
  2. When they arrive at the festival they go to one of the Speakerpoints where they pay for the speaker and get registred (each speaker has a NFC ID tag). The user pay €5 per day and €50 is reserved on the user’s creditcard as a deposit.
  3. The user go party with their friends!
  4. When the battery eventually runs out of power after 10 hours of playing, the battery is easy to take out. The user then goes to the nearest Speakerpoint and switch the battery to a new one.
  5. At the end of the festival the user hand in the speaker and get the deposit back.


Product design

Speaker in grass



Overview with callouts

Soundvenience uses a an originally designed speaker that is extremely durable, and has a minimalistic design and some cool social features.


The product has the three following modes:



Besides these playing modes there are a long range of other features:

Other Features



The speaker has an innovative, yet simple and intuitive user interaction. When the speaker is on pres down the whole top part to connect to search for new inputs (local devices, other speakers or live streams depending on the mode). Turn the whole top to switch between the three modes and twist the top to turn the volume up or down.

Interaction small



Design details

Top detail




Render battery indicator lys

Render top straigh on

four speakers together



Components and construction

Exploded parts view


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