Sketches, cardboard speakers and lots of ideas

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Even though there haven’t been so many updates here lately I have worked hard the last couple of weeks on detailing and defining my final solution for a more sustainable festival speaker. I have drawn a lot of sketches to define the look, made storyboards to define the experience, played around with cardboard models to experiment with forms and sizes, searched through the catalogues of manufacturers to define the components, detailed the final design in CAD software and much more. Here is a little collage with some very early sketches:

Process collage


When I made the sketches above it was never the intend to show them to the world (as they are far from pretty), but I think they show in a good way some of the ideas that have passed my mind in the design process. When I started out designing specifically for the the festival setting I first had an idea of creating a modular solution. Later I focused more on a simple compact cube speaker that would function as a building block and I investigated at the same time smaller and oblong robust forms. Underneath is an illustration that shows ideas for the different playing modes.



Use scenarios first concept

Here are some of the cardboard prototypes closer to the final product design:

Prototypes bw

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