Circular Case First Look

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Hi, my name is Fabio and for my Circular Case I’m going to re-design the toothpaste. I chose the toohpaste because it is a product we deal with everyday, multiple times a day, but we have never actually stopped thinking about it, we take it for granted. The toothpaste tube hasn’t changed in the last 50 years and so is its process model, which has been linear (production, consumption, waste) till today!


So these are my motivations, but before we start a deep analysis of this fast moving consumer good is needed.

Toothpace among us!

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Toothpace “no waste, good taste” is my final concept. It is a product that breaks the old conception of the toothpaste and redesign a brand and circular product. It is quite a theoretical product for the moment, since it uses edible/soluble film made by plastic (I wouldn’t call it plastic though) which are currently being tested and developed by different companies but are not really ready to be introduced to the market.

Toothpace is composed of a dispenser and refills. The dispenser is a solid container designed to have a clean shape and a long lasting lifespan, while the refills are capsules of toothpaste packed in a soluble/edible packaging made by sodium alginate.

The dispenser has a capacity of 130 capsules, each capsule is 1g of toothpaste, this means that the dispenser at full capacity contains 130g of paste while on the average a toothpaste tube contains from 75g to 125g of paste. The mechanism is easy, there is a small lever on the top part of the dispenser that when pushed up, using a finger, unblock the exit at the bottom of the dispenser so a capsule can be released.


How does it work?

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I decided to create a product service system around Toothpace, since it is a product we use daily, I thought it might be also profitable from an economic point of view to have some sort of service that can satisfy the consumers. Basically Toothpace can’t be bought at supermarkets, but rather it can be bought online. Taking inspiration from Dollarshaveclub system, Toothpace, as a premium product, is aiming to a specific target with specific needs (natural ingredients, sustainability), I thought that giving the consumer the possibility to personalise his own paste, choosing from different flavours and ingredients, could be a relative advantage that differentiate Toothpace from others toothpastes. To personalize the paste a consumer can go on the website and pay a monthly subscription of 9€ that allows him to have 120 capsules (production cost around 5€) which are shipped to him one a month (the quantity of toothpaste shipped and the frequency of shipment is up to the consumer’s needs).