Circular Design Brief 2.0

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After the first workshop together with professional designers came up that trying to re-design a fast moving consumer good is really challenging. My brief keeps evolving as the project goes on and external insights from designers and fellow students help me to face my Circular Challenge (avoiding packaging waste).

As one Circular Challenge wasn’t already enough, after the second workshop, when I got time to put all the insights and suggestions together, I decided to add a second Circular Challange to the brief which is “using all the toothpaste inside the tube“. Since paste is always left inside the toothpaste once it is discarded (probably the design of the toothpaste itself is the cause) would be interesting to make the toothpaste even more Circular by solving this issue.

From last Circular Design Brief 1.0 I kept the Hybrid Model (dispenser + refills) but I’m still working on which Circular Design Strategy to apply and in order to do so, together with the help of the designer Gideon, we started analysing archetypes of users that might fit our case. We came up with two archetypes: low involved users (users that pay low attention to personal care and look at the price rather than the quality) and high involved users (users that are aware of the differences between personal care products and look at the quality rather than the price).

Circular challenges:
1- Avoid packaging waste
2- Use all the paste inside the toothpaste (new challenge)

Challenge n.1 = Kit dispenser + refills
Circular Business Model: Access Model
Circular Design Model: Attachment and Trust
“When your toothpaste is empty you can go to a pharmacy/drugstore and refill it there. There will be service that allows you to choose colour, texture and flavour. Than you go home with your refills and put them back inside the dispenser.”
Target: High involved users

Challenge n.2 = Toothpaste spray + paste powder
Circular Business Model: Hybrid Model
Circular Design Model: Design for Durability
“Add the powder inside the dispenser, water, shake it and spray. This toothpaste aims to avoid leftovers and it is possible to use it with one hand. The powder and the dispenser can be bought separately”
Target: to be defined.

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