Circular Design Brief 1.0

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As consequence from the last meeting with Gideon, where we felt disoriented, I decided to make a deeper research regard the toothpaste localized in the Netherlands (which is the biggest company, what is the average price, who is the target) in order to find some reference points and to understand which Circular Design Strategies to apply.

Launch: Netherlands

Toothpaste market: Zendium – Unilever

Zendium Relative Advantage

Zendium fluoride contains 6 unique enzymes and proteins that occur naturally in saliva and can enhance the protective effect. So not only do you brush your teeth clean, but you also work in your mouth resistance. Therefore Zendium is the ideal toothpaste to keep your mouth healthy. Zendium oral care products have a unique blend of enzymes and fluoride which strengthens the mouth’s natural defenses.

Price 5,00€ (20% higher than others premium t­oothpastes) Premium product

Target: Primarily users from 35-55 years, attentive to the care of their body, but looking for not aggressive products and that are willing to pay more for these benefits.

Circular Toothpaste Briefing

Target: users that already go for sustainable personal care products (35-55 years?)

Toothpaste: fluoride free (avoid FDA regulations)

Product components: Toothpaste container, refills, shoulder and nozzle

Product materials

Toothpaste container: using durable and recyclable materials as aluminium or plastic (laminate plastics consume lower life cycle energy compared to aluminium)

Refills packaging:

  • Capsule: Bioplastic made by sodium alginate (E-401) from the brown algae and calcium chloride (E-509) (Ooho!)
  • Refills: Film of plastic/bioplastic

Shoulder and nozzle: Depends on the toothpaste container

Product interaction

Toothpaste container: It is “permanent” can be bought just one time and its function is dependent upon the refills

Refills: They are replaceable and can be bought separately form the toothpaste container

Shoulder and nozzle: (interchangeable nozzles give you the possibility to change texture, colour or taste (how?) of your toothpaste, giving the possibility to personalise your own toothpaste.)

Hypothetical Circular Design strategies

Attachment and trust


  • Appearance: texture, colour, shape

1- Interchangeable nozzle+shoulder (Refill) allows to change texture, colour, taste of the toothpaste

2- Hourglass

1- Interchangeable nozzles give you the possibility to change texture, colour or taste (how?) of your toothpaste, giving the possibility to personalise your own toothpaste.

2- Implementing an hourglass into the toothpaste allows the user to know how much time should be spend to brush the teeth. It becomes a sort of educational product.



  • Materials: Durable materials (ex. Aluminium)

1- Durable materials as aluminium or recyclable plastics

1- Durability concerns only the material aspect of the product, therefore a durable material as aluminium or plastic (materials that can be recycled in the Netherlands) are preferred.

Standardisation and compatibility

1- Stackable containers (Capsule)

2- Compatibility between different parts: container, refill, different nozzles

1- This toothpaste container can be stacked, depending on how many users are sharing the toothpaste (one person, a couple, a family with one kid ecc…)

2- Different combinations of toothpaste container, toothpaste refills and different nozzles (Attachment and Trust – Interchangeable nozzles) must be compatible.



One thought on “Circular Design Brief 1.0

  1. Fabio, good job so far! Here are some comments.

    Don’t leave out cheaper circular alternatives. Maybe this is a set maximum price.

    Target. I will provide you with a helpful image to target groups.Give me your email please.

    Product materials. Why describe this here already, bring it to the end.

    Hourglass. Good! Use the moment to implement other improvements to the container.

    I think to many solutions are given. Should provide more ‘search fields’, in what directions you can find solutions. Don’t think materials should be given in here already. It leads to standard solutions like bio-plastics. Do think that it is good that materials are studied like this, just to get a comparison started with conventional containers.

    Don’t read about the brushing ritual people perform every day. Ask some parents, people, friends about morning and evening rituals. Especially the ladies.

    Missing the hygiene part.

    Do remember that you are pioneering into the future of products. You are about one of the first to explore this way of designing. Next to good career possibilities you develop design skills that maybe lie close to your own values and a better world. If that is true you find yourself in a very rewarding position.

    Best regards,

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