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After a deep analysis of the product, that allowed me to better understand which are the problems to tackle, I can finally start defining my Circular Challange. As the toothpste has a Linear Process, my design vision of a more sustainable toothpaste starts with the packaging. How to make the packaging more sustainable? We already know from the previous post (Product Analysis) that using laminate is cheap compared to other materials and it also helps to safely contain the chemicals within the paste since toothpastes contain fluorude (which is considered as a drug) and consequentially they need to match FDA regulations.

So is it possible to re-design the packaging without changing the paste’s composition?


Circular Challenge: changing the toothpaste packaging, make it circular and more sustainable in order to avoid packaging waste.


1- Toothpaste packaging are discarded contributing to the problem of plastic pollution → Why are they discarded?

  • The toothpaste is over

They are made of laminate (not recyclable) → Why?

Laminate is cheap

Considering the LCA laminates have a better environmental performance

Laminate is a secure packaging for storing chemical materials (toothpaste) → Which material are also secure?


  • Not discard the toothpaste packaging once finished → How?

Toothpaste packaging composed by a dispenser and refills → How the refills are packed? (same problem point 1) See Challenges2


  • Explore different toothpaste paste textures in order to find out alternative packaging and new ways to store it.




1- Develop the dispenser

2- Explore new paste textures

2.1- Develop the packaging for the refills

(Hypothetical Solution Challenge1 & 2)

If the toothpaste has a solid texture (Lush Toothy Tabs) different packaging solutions to store the refills are possible.

Lush Toothy Tabs negative aspects:

  • Strange flavours to differentiate from competitors
  • Chalky (powdery)
  • Packaging made of cardboard looks like chewing gum packs, not ideal to store in a wet environment as the bathroom.


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