2 thoughts on “Toothpace: “no waste, good taste”

  1. In Denmark there are already since end of the eighties hard plastic standing toothpaste containers. Without capsules. I don’t know if it’s refilable.

    Very nice your design and idea but not clear when to eat it and how to mannage it (after you eat the capsule ?) on your toothbrush. Will the toothpaste survive as a whole the eating part and end up whole on your brush ?
    Maybe a youtube demonstration would teach and convince ! 😀

    (B.t.w. isn’t ones a month instead of one a month ?)
    Better both and you can remove my comment. 😉
    Succes !

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      The ideal use would be to take a capsule of toothpate and put it your mouth, not on your toothbrush. The capsule has a jellied consistency therefore once you start brushing your teeth it will break releasing the paste. Furthermore the paste does not contains harmful chemicals and can be eaten or spat . I took inspiration from a project called “Ooho!” (http://www.skippingrockslab.com/) it is an edible water bottle that tries to overcome the issue of plastic pollution from empty bottles. Indeed it once but I had to shoot without any cut and this was the best performance 😉

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