Ease of Maintenance and Repair

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Due to the fast moving nature of the toothpaste, using this Design Strategy implies to focus on the tube rather than on the paste and as I explained on my post “First step towards Circularity” if I want to create a more circular toothpaste I need to work on the paste first. So the reason why I didn’t focus on this strategy is because it doesn’t help me to meet my Circular Challenges.

Standardisation and compatibility

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Depending on the users status (single, married, with kids) there will be the need of having more or less toothpaste in the bathroom. Taking this into consideration, the idea is to create a stackable and modular dispenser that allows the user to attach one dispenser on top of the other one, increasing the capacity of the toothpaste tube.

1- Stackable containers: This toothpaste container can be stacked, depending on how many users are sharing the toothpaste (one person, a couple, a family with one kid ecc…)

2- Compatibility between different parts: Different combinations of toothpaste container, toothpaste refills and different nozzles (Attachment and Trust – Interchangeable nozzles) must be compatible.



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With durability the goal is to make the dispenser as durable as possible. In this case materials play an important role but also avoiding complex mechanisms (which might broke), easy of cleanliness, and intuitive interaction allow the dispenser to be used longer.


1- Durable and recyclable materials as aluminium or plastic: durability concerns only the material aspect of the product, therefore a durable material as aluminium or plastic (materials that can be recycled in the Netherlands) are preferred.