The Gap Exploiter Model

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To reuse the toothpaste tube in a different way when the paste is over is a difficult challenge. Since the packaging is made by laminate, recycle it into something else requires expensive treatments. Unfortunately I couldn’t come up with valuable (from a marketing point of view) and feasible (because of high costs of recycling) ideas for this Design Strategy.


The Access Model

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The idea behind the access model is to have two “oral kits” one tailored for low involved users, the other one tailored for high involved users. The kit for the low involved contains only essential product for oral hygiene such as toothbrush, toothpaste mouth washer while the kit for high involved users offers more products and with higher quality. These kits can be borrowed from specific points of sales paying monthly fees.





Standardisation and compatibility

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Depending on the users status (single, married, with kids) there will be the need of having more or less toothpaste in the bathroom. Taking this into consideration, the idea is to create a stackable and modular dispenser that allows the user to attach one dispenser on top of the other one, increasing the capacity of the toothpaste tube.

1- Stackable containers: This toothpaste container can be stacked, depending on how many users are sharing the toothpaste (one person, a couple, a family with one kid ecc…)

2- Compatibility between different parts: Different combinations of toothpaste container, toothpaste refills and different nozzles (Attachment and Trust – Interchangeable nozzles) must be compatible.



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With durability the goal is to make the dispenser as durable as possible. In this case materials play an important role but also avoiding complex mechanisms (which might broke), easy of cleanliness, and intuitive interaction allow the dispenser to be used longer.


1- Durable and recyclable materials as aluminium or plastic: durability concerns only the material aspect of the product, therefore a durable material as aluminium or plastic (materials that can be recycled in the Netherlands) are preferred.


Attachment and Trust

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The idea is to create a personalised dispenser through added features as: an interchangeable nozzle or an hourglass/timer.

Appearance: different options and combinations of texture, colour, shape are available in order to allow the consumer to choose the one he/she feels more attached to.

1- Interchangeable nozzle+shoulder: The user can choose among different nozzle which allow to change texture, colour, taste of the paste. It is meant to personalise the brushing moment depending on the user needs.

2- Implementing an hourglass/timer into the toothpaste tube allows the user to know how much time should be spent to brush the teeth. Consequentially the toothpaste becomes a sort of educational product which creates trust toward the user.